Aquasana News & Glossary

Hacking WordPress’ UI to Manage a Different CMS

News, Info,
& Glossary


Create a content publishing outlet with three sections

  • News: Headlines about water issues, pollution, and treatment
  • Info: Content about the science and advice for better health
  • Glossary: Reference to contaminants, treatment, etc

Easy to Read,
Easy to Run


Needs separate interface and output for each section for one editor to manage

  • Simplified interface for complex SEO
  • Needs staging environment
  • Documentation to train staff

Custom Store on Old Server


The main site’s e-commerce platform is proprietary and security is ad-hoc

  • For security and regulatory reasons, CMS can’t publish directly to server
  • Must be on the main domain
  • Previous blog was penalized by Google

Custom Interface

WordPress Front-end

Custom Post Types & Taxonomies

Custom Plugin for Publishing

Blog & News

Education & Advice